DC FanDome Recap: The Batman, The Snyder Cut, Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad and More

So DC had its long awaited hype fest DC FanDome on Saturday and teased a ton of new projects coming down the pipeline like The Batman, The Justice League Snyder Cut, Wonder Woman 1984, Suicide Squad 2, Black Adam and more. Where my fellow comic book nerds at??

The Batman

My oh my oh my. This first teaser of The Batman looks *excellent* which is so exciting because this movie has been shrouded in mystery for years. Matt Reeves’ The Batman stars Robert Pattinson who is just now poking his head up to star in some blockbusters (Tenet) after a decade spent working on his acting chops doing indies (Cosmopolis, The Lighthouse, Good Time etc). The Battinson will focus on Year 2 of Bruce Wayne as the Caped Crusader so it will be a much younger Batman than we’re used to seeing on the big screen.

This is a much different direction than what Ben Affleck’s standalone Batman movie was going to be, which maybe we’ll get one day in the future.

The cast of The Batman is absolutely stacked with Andy Serkis playing Alfred, Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman, Jeffrey Wright, who I’ve loved playing intelligent, soft spoken, unsettling characters since Boardwalk Empire, playing Commissioner Gordon, and a legitimately unrecognizable Colin Farrell playing the Penguin.

This brings us to the fascinating casting choice of Klitz AKA Paul Dano as The Riddler. I think Dano is going to either hit this out of the ballpark or bomb like we’ve never seen; there’s not a lot of middle ground here.

But Dano just feels like a perfect choice for such a bizarre character that most people only associate with Jim Carey. I just hope this movie doesn’t suffer from villain overload similar to how Spider-Man 3 simply had too many bad guys in one movie.

Oh and this Bruce Wayne is a VIOLENT crime fighter.

The Batman is set to release at some point in 2021.


Justice League: The Snyder Cut

A lot of new footage here giving us a sneak peak at what Snyder Cut will do differently from the original Justice League. IGN broke it down thoroughly, but expect more Darkseid, more Knightmare, more Aquaman and Cyborg, and yes BLACK SUIT SUPERMAN.

Snyder has been anything but subtle about how much he hated Joss Whedon’s finished version of the movie, going so far as to say he would burn the movie to the ground before he used any footage he didn’t shoot himself. He called the Whedon version “Frankenstein’s monster” and claims to have never even watched it.  So expect quite the different movie here.

It’s a good thing this is going to be a digital release you can watch from your couch too because the run time is a brisk 4 hours.

The Snyder Cut will drop sometime in 2021 on HBO Max.


The Suicide Squad AKA Suicide Squad 2

This actually looks fun as fuck, which is exactly what Suicide Squad should be. No more no less. DC finally learned after the disappointing box office of Batman vs Superman and the bombing of Justice League that not every comic book movie has to be a dark, gritty noir film, they can also be fun. This looks to take a lot of what the first Suicide Squad did well (Margot Robbie, slick action, witty dialogue) and build off of it. Oh and even though Will Smith will not be returning, they did add Idris Alba, which is a huge win in of itself, and a seemingly tongue in cheek parody of Captain America played by John Cena. If thats not enough, Pete Davidson is in this too so expect a lot of deadpan humor in this not quite direct sequel. Oh and they brought Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn on board (post-cancelling by the internet) to helm the entire thing. So this looks like it could be closer to what we expected from the original, which is an exciting proposition. The Suicide Squad is slated for an Aug. 6th, 2021 release.


Wonder Woman 1984

But seriously how is Chris Pine alive again? I’ve been pretty down on the Kristen Wiig casting as the main villain pretty much since Day 1, but anything with Pedro Pascal in it cannot be bad. The release of Wonder Woman 1984 has been pushed back a few times because of COVID and the current projected release date is now Oct. 2nd. With a budget of nearly $200 million I wouldn’t expect this one to go straight to digital as the studio will hold out as long as possible to claw together a solid profit during this disaster of a year.


Black Adam

This is a choose your own adventure of expectations for The Rock as Black Adam. This has been in the works for years so its good to finally see *something* even if its only some 300s (the movie) style animated graphics. I blame the lack of any real footage on COVID. Now I love The Rock, he’s the man, but I honestly don’t know what to expect out of this. I do worry it becomes a movie where all you can think is hey its The Rock playing a comic book character rather than focusing on just enjoying the movie, but Dwayne never half asses anything so I will remain cautiously optimistic on this one. Black Adam is currently slated for a Dec. 22, 2021 release.


Gotham Knights

I’m more of a Marvel guy than a DC guy so I don’t know a ton about Red Hood or Nightwing, but I know people are jacked up for these guys being playable characters in a video game. It’s also made by the team that created Batman: Arkham Origins so that is promising. Another non-specific 2021 release date here.


Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

Not a ton of actual gameplay shown here, but again Suicide Squad looks fun, which is all I ask of the anti-hero supergroup. The trailer shows the Suicide Squad fighting a version of Superman who seemingly has gone absolutely mental so that is intriguing on its own. This game is being created by Rocksteady Studios, who made the Batman: Arkham series so theres a lot of great track record here. Unfortunately this won’t hit game systems til 2022.

What are you most excited for after the DC Fandome event? Tweet us @the300sboston and let us know.

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