Cody Bellinger Dislocated His Shoulder CELEBRATING A HOME RUN in Game 7

USA Today Cody Bellinger has always had plenty of pop. But after the biggest home run of his life, he’d just as soon avoid the pop that followed. 

Bellinger made history Sunday night, becoming the first player to hit homers in two Game 7s of the National League Championship Series. And after he ripped a 2-2 pitch from Chris Martin into the right field stands at Globe Life Field, strutted down the first base line and exhorted his Los Angeles Dodgers teammates as he tallied the final run in a 4-3 victory, Bellinger got a little too exuberant. 

He swung his right arm wide for a powerful forearm bash with teammate Kiké Hernandez.  A bit too powerful.  Bellinger dislocated his shoulder in the celebration, he told MLB Network, and retreated to the training room so it could be popped back into place. 

“I hit Kiké’s shoulder a little too hard and my shoulder popped out,” Bellinger said. “They had to pop it back in so I could play defense. It kinda hurt.

“I’m going to maybe use my left arm (next time). I’ve never dislocated that one.”

Jee. Sus. Christ. The Bash Brothers would be rolling in their graves if they saw this nonsense. Cody Bellinger literally dislocated his shoulder by forearm bashing his teammate while celebrating a home run.

Bellinger now joins Bill Gramatica in the Worst Sports Celebrations Hall of Fame.

I know we all grew up on the adrenaline and testosterone (and the cream and the clear) of the late 80s and early 90s, but come on man. Maybe the reason Jose Canseco and Mark McGwire were able to violently smash their forearms together after hundreds of home runs is because they were juice up goons with arms the size of folding tables?

What do I know, I’m just a blogger, but maybe Cody Bellinjury should remember that the next time he wants to put a forearm through his teammate’s radius and ulna bones.

Hopefully this doesn’t hurt Bellinger’s performance as Game 1 of the World Series is tomorrow night so theres not a ton of time to rest. BUT I did play lacrosse with a kid in high school who had graham crackers for shoulder sockets and would routinely dislocate them during games. Kid would just jog over to the trainer, get it popped back into place, and go about his business like nothing had happened. So theres that unrelated anecdote I can offer to worried Dodgers fans if it helps.

Speaking of the Bash Brothers, go watch The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience on Netflix. Adam Sandberg and the Lonely Island crew randomly decided to make a 30 minute music video honoring the 80’s Oakland legends and I was fucking crying laughing watching it. Way funnier than it has any right to be.

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