Lifetime, KFC, and Mario Lopez Are Making What Seems Like a Prequel to Mel Gibson’s Colonel Sanders Biopic

I mean, why wouldn’t you watch this? I can only hope this is an actual mini movie of sorts and not just some highly produced faux trailer because this looks awesome.

If there’s one job I would take in a heartbeat it would be marketing for a fast food company because they just pump out absolutely ridiculous ideas in the name of generating buzz. God knows how much money KFC spent creating a trailer (and hopefully a movie) starring Mario Lopez and then partnering with Lifetime to promote it. The ROI on this is going to be turrrrible if you count it by buckets of chicken sold, but thats not what this is about. This is about generating buzz, clout, hype, whatever you want to call it. And there’s few better at that then KFC and its rotating cast of Colonels.

Although, like I said this is definitely a prequel to Mel Gibson’s Colonel Sanders biopic so hopefully it doesn’t mess with KFC canon too much.

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