#RushHourRap – Logic – Open Mic/Aquarius III

I can hear the voices in my mind when I rhyme
Give it up, you’re out of time
Never even had a prime
Like the Preemo never linked up with 5’9″
Bitch, I’m back like the muscles surrounding my vertebrae
Okay, fuck what you gotta say
I keep it going, already know when I’m flowing
For the listener, you’re kind of like a therapist
Or rather Cole in 2005, flowing like Canibus
That throwback shit, yeah, that throwback shit
Fuck what you heard, my catalog, it ain’t got no wack shit
‘Cause I’m a gladiator in the Colosseum, everybody wanna be him
‘Til they feel like they can’t be him, then they wanna see him lose
Wrote this poem in navy, that’s what I call singing the blues
Word to Dot D, my family got me, no carbon copy
Life can hit you harder than Drago
But if I roll with the punches when it’s rocky, don’t ever stop me

Logic is a frequent feature of #RushHourRap and for good reason. I feel like a lot of people only hear the few songs of his that really went mainstream like “1-800,” “Sucker for Pain,” “Every Day,” etc. which are all good songs, but don’t show Logic’s real lyrical prowess. This track from his most recent album No Pressure that dropped earlier this year came on my Spotify this morning and as a 5+ minute song it can definitely get lost in the shuffle, but my goodness the wordplay here is elite. I couldn’t even pick just a couple of bars to point out, which is why I listed 17 lines above. The amount of double entendres, deep cut rap references, and slick wordplay is unreal in a 30 second span.

I don’t know why, but the visuals for this song are only for a couple of the verses, which is why the below video is not even two minutes long.

So give this a spin, then go listen to the rest of Bobby’s catalogue, and then pour one out because according to him No Pressure was his final album (for now). Logic’s musical career is to be continued…

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