#RushHourRap – Chris Webby – Raising The Bar

True story: Back in college I used to work at The Gap where I developed my bulletproof method of folding t-shirts and crisply stacked denim. But because I was absolutely broke I would work whatever shift I could get so sometimes that was the mid-afternoon shift working the register and folding reasonably priced sweaters. Other times it was the 4 AM shift unloading the truck and opening up all the new products. And since I was one of the only guys that worked there, this included taking the 100 pounds of cardboard through the back hallways of the mall, down the sketchy service elevator, and into the belly of the South Shore Plaza to crush it all up in the dumpster. Real great job for like $9 an hour. Anyways, I paint this picture so you can understand how any form of entertainment was greatly needed. Now the No. 1 perk of working these absurdly early morning shifts was the fact that the mall was obviously not open yet so we could listen to our own music in the store. Well being like 19-years-old provides a certain level of the chemical “fuck it” in your system so when the middle aged ladies would bring out the radio to play some Matty in the Morning, I would snatch the Aux cord and BLAST obscure rap like Chris Webby at 5 in the morning. Now just picture me, unpacking boxes before the sun was even up, playing rap at a deafening level inside a dimly lit Gap just to get through the morning.

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