The UFC is On ABC Today and That’s a Big Deal

So the UFC usually kicks off every year with a string of really big cards, or to be more accurate, a series of huge main events.

Believe it or not the whole quarantine thing kind of feeds into the next few UFC events because they are designed to feel like a series. it’s almost like a festival: three main stages, three huge acts over a week’s time.

In terms of that stage, the UFC has their whole island in Abu Dhabi. They’ve literally established their own Island to hold fights. As a fan who can complain?

Anyway today we have Max Holloway against Calvin Kattar. Calvin has been told with a win against Max Holloway he gets a title shot. That makes total sense considering he’s been steadily climbing up the leaderboard while knocking people out. Max is in an odd spot because he is now 0/2 against the current champion. He is not guaranteed a title shot despite possibly being the greatest featherweight of all time. The fight game, amirite?

What is wild about all of this build up surrounding the fight is that NONE OF IT MATTERS. Why? Well what matters is that this card is on ABC. The UFC will be on basic television, an insane moment in combat sports history. This is not the first time MMA has been on basic tv, but this feels different. Due to the UFC’s ESPN deal suddenly they get to televise their broadcast on a regular channel in the middle of the afternoon on a Saturday. That’s a big deal. that’s not hiding on a broadcast channel on a Saturday when no one’s looking. This is different. MMA has kind of made it.

As an aside- in case you want a prediction from The 300s, you know I want to pick MA’s Calvin Kattar. But I consider Max Holloway the greatest FW of all time. He’ll win a 5 round decision.


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