#RushHourRap – Lil Wayne ft. Drake – BB King Freestyle

Off “No Ceilings 3,” which dropped in November 2020, Drake and Lil Wayne are back with some old school mixtape flows on BB King Freestyle. It’s no secret, but the sheer output of content from Wayne over the years is mind boggling. I have to admit though, I was texting some friends the other day because I was legitimately appalled at the use of Six Foot Seven Foot in a freaking Burger King commercial. Just when you think Weezy has either sold out, fallen off or stopped giving a shit he comes correct with a verse like this.

I’m proud of me, I don’t know how to be sorry, apologies
You fuckin’ with my math, you better know some trigonometry
‘Cause I’ma be bustin’, leave your lima bean at your mama feet
I flip the economy like Dominique Dawes
They say I’m trippin’, I guess they wishin’ I finally fall

You can stream the whole mixtape at DatPiff.

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