This Guy On Twitter Predicted Colin Cowherd’s Response to Baker Mayfield Seeing a UFO to a Tee

I love Colin Cowherd, he’s one of the best in the business at what he does, but this guy on Twitter predicting Colin’s response to a wacky Baker Mayfield story is hilarious, yet telling. Maybe it’s time to punch up the script a little bit. Anyways Baker Mayfield claims to have seen a UFO the other night. Maybe he did, maybe he was high as a kite, I don’t know. But this fake Colin Cowherd quote in response to the UFO story made me laugh out loud.

Now here’s what Cowherd actually said just a few hours later…

Too easy, Colin.

It’s the backwards hat debate on steroids. Cowherd railed against Tony Romo for years and said he would never win a Super Bowl because he wore his hat backwards. That’t it. That was the pillar of the argument. CEOs don’t wear backwards hats vis a vis Tony Romo was a bum according to Colin. Anddd that’s where I get off.

At least Tom Brady was there to provide a little levity like a social media marketing snake in the grass just waiting for the perfect moment to strike and grab some retweets.

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