Uber Continues to Innovate; Now Mimicking Public Transportation

Screen shot 2016-05-25 at 9.21.54 AM

This is genius, I wish someone had thought of this sooner. It’s like some sort of mass transit system. And at $40 a month plus $2 per ride for 20 rides a month you could be looking at $80 a month, which is right about the same as, oh you know a monthly T pass or a bus pass

In all seriousness, it’s not a terrible idea, but Uber is getting closer and closer to the establishment rather than further away from it. It’s basically becoming mass transit or essentially what BRIDJ has been doing for a while now. If I can order an Uber Pool and be to my spot in 15 mins for $2 bucks that’s awesome, but that’s not how this works. You hop in, ride around for 10 mins, pick up 2 people, drop some more people off and before you know it it’s a 40 minute ride to get to Fenway. Which is the same as the goddamn train.

So I appreciate the effort Uber, but if you’re gonna charge more than a T pass, I’m expecting a lot more than avoiding human interaction.


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