Steph Curry and Warriors to the Rest of the NBA: Now Youse Can’t Leave


I think the Warriors got exactly what they needed with this Thunder series; a wake up call. And they’re way better off for it. AKA LeBron and the Cavs are fucked.

The Warriors have been cruising for the past 6 months, which is something that tends to happen when you are routinely winning and winning big. Curry was dominating all year and not even playing in the 4th quarter half the time. They only had 9 losses for christs sake. And all of those losses, while disappointing, had no real averse affect on Golden State. They locked up the 1 seed and then probably thought they’d continue to roll. Except Durant and OKC pushed them to the ledge and the Warriors do what champions do, they fought back, stopped the bleeding and did what they had to do to come out on top. Now they’ve realized that they can’t cruise regardless of how good they might be. So I think the OKC series woke the Warriors up to that fact and now they’re ready to smash Cleveland right out of the gate.

I mean you had guys like Tony Mazz saying on 98.5 that the Warriors really aren’t that good and haven’t beaten anybody. Forget the fact that they won the title last season, won 73 games this season and are going back to the Finals after going through the Spurs and the Thunder. This is where Steph Curry and company become a victim of their own success. If they lose this Thunder series, they could very easily have been written off as another flashy team that was all style no substance like the early 2000s Indianapolis Colts. “Curry won the MVP just because he scored a lot on a top seeded team” people would say.

But with that grit and balls win and Curry and Klay Thompson leading the way back from the brink people are starting remember just how good this team is. And I can’t think of anything funnier than LeBron going to his 6th straight NBA Finals and losing again. 2/6.

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