The Kevin Durant Watch is Back On for Boston Celtics Fans


Kevin Durant watch is back on. It definitely would have been better for the Celtics if OKC got trounced in the previous round by San Antonio, which would have made it easier for Durant to say hey it’s not happening here lets try something else. Obviously that didn’t happen. Toppling the all-time regular season wins leader in Golden State with 73 and the back-to-back MVP in Steph Curry en route to another Finals trip would have made it impossible for Durant to leave. So now maybe, just maybe losing a Game 7 heart breaker and letting another series slip away gets Durant to think about making a change. Double edged sword though because do you really want a guy who is saying screw this, it’s too hard I want to play somewhere else and get on an easier path? Not particularly. But I’d take it.

In the end it’s not going to happen. First and foremost he would be leaving a stupid amount of cash on the table. With the salary cap set to go up to from about $70 million this year to approximately $92 million after next season there is so much more money to be had out there. Also being in his 9th season Durant can only receive 30% of a team’s max cap, whereas after 10 seasons he can grab 35%. So 30% of $70 million or 35% from the $92 million cap next year? Not gonna happen. Plus he would get annihilated by the media and the fans for “abandoning” OKC and you know it. I honestly think Durant takes that to heart unlike LeBron James so I think that plays a much larger factor than people give it credit. Most likely scenario is he signs a 2-year deal with OKC with a player opt-out after 1 year and then signs a mega deal with OKC after next season.

But hey a guy can dream right? Durant watch has been reactivated. GET EM ISAIAH!

Screenshot 2016-05-31 at 11.47.37 AM

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