LeBron James Goes Full Dwight Schrute With This Quote


ESPN – “I don’t think anyone was prepared for me returning and understanding what the situation was going to entail,” James said when asked how prepared Irving was for his role to change with James back in the fold two years ago. “I mean, that’s everyone here. You know, they had gone through some losing seasons in my previous stint before I came back, so they knew they were getting a pretty good basketball player and a great leader and a good person, and someone that was going to command excellence.”

Listen, I’m glad LeBron won a title for Cleveland. Cleveland can officially come off suicide watch now. Hell, ESPN is even updating the 30 for 30 Believeland to reflect the Cavaliers title. It’s hard to hate on LeBron the player, but it will never, ever stop being hilarious listening to LeBron the person speak. Because he is not even familiar with the word “humble” and it shows in quotes like this. He has legitimately gone full Dwight Schrute.

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