Patriots Win 5th Ring with the Biggest Comeback in Super Bowl History


“Its only fitting the greatest player in the history of the sport and the greatest team in the history of the sport had maybe the greatest victory in the history of the sport.”

Leave it to Michael Felger to start his show today with a statement that sounds like something your buddy says after a bakers dozen Bud Lights. But its not hyperbole. That was Tom Brady and Bill Belichick cementing themselves as the greatest QB and coach of all time in perhaps the greatest Super Bowl every played.

Down 25 points and on the brink of death the Pats just keep coming back. 28-3, 28-9, 28-12, 28-20, 28-28 and finally 34-28.

The Patriots are Jason Voorhees. No matter what you do, no matter how bad it is, the Patriots are never out of it. You cannot kill them. Down 20+ points, I was taking solace in the fact that the Falcons were burning timeouts like they were firewood, as my friends did their best to ignore my delusional rants.

But I keep coming back to how much this game reminded me of one from 2012 against the 49ers. It was a game the Pats ultimately lost 41-34, but similar to last night, after getting down 31-3 the Pats ripped off 24 points in the fourth quarter. So while I realized they were all but done, evidenced by the numerous Ari Gold gifs I tweeted out,


it was hard to forget that Niners game. The Pats are better than anyone in the league at getting hot and turning a game on its head. And thats exactly what they did last night.


In a game full of spectacular plays I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about one of the biggest of the night; Edelman’s circus catch in the 4th quarter. It may not have been a 4th down do or die play, but it was a huge gain that kept the Pats momentum going (and burned the Falcons final TO via challenge). Watching that last night I found myself thinking we *deserved* that play. After getting hosed by so many ridiculous circus catches over the years at the absolute worst time, David Tyree, Mario Manningham, Jermaine Kearse, we *deserved* this catch.

And holy shit was it close. Kept the drive going, Pats bang it in for the score, get the 2, OT, game over.

Now the Patriots are in rarified air; truly in a class of their own. We’ll enjoy the t-shirts, the hats, the parade, the Super Bowl DVD but then we’re on to Minneapolis and Super Bowl 52. On Feb 6th the Patriots are 6-1 favorites to win their 6th ring in Minneapolis. Drive for 5 and One for the Thumb were perfect for this year. But next season? Minneaposix

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