Dunkies Making A+ Moves


Boston Herald – Dunkin’ Donuts will say goodbye to its frozen coffee Coolatta, add a new frozen coffee to its menu and debut an amped-up drink in partnership with Monster Energy as part of an expanded product lineup.

I can’t say that I’ll miss the Coffee Coolatta. I never figured there was a big market for 600+ calorie coffee-flavored frozen beverages that didn’t even deliver the caffeine content of a Diet Coke. No one drinks coffee for its flavor.If I could get as much caffeine from a 20 oz. Diet Coke that I do from a large Dunkin’ iced coffee, I’d be putting back tall DC’s every morning. Dunkin’ has a pretty good grip on the caffeine market. That’s what they should double down on.

The new Monster drink combines a can of Monster Energy with Dunkin’ blue raspberry or strawberry fruit Coolatta flavors, served over ice. The drink is expected to appeal to younger males as a coffee alternative for a morning “pick-me-up” or afternoon “get-me-going,” according to Chris Fuqua, Dunkin’s senior vice president of marketing, global insights and innovation.

“This is something different than we’ve done in the past,” he said. “We think it goes after a whole new consumer.”

The new, younger, male consumer he should be referring to is the 23-year-old who strolls in at 9:30 for the evening “keep-me-going” pregame beverage. I just hope they tested this one thoroughly during research and development. One OJ coolatta was enough for me to realize I didn’t like the taste of battery acid. Hopefully this one goes down a little easier. Hopefully it’s more, um, able to be mixed with, um, other beverages let’s say.

I see what you’re doing Dunkin’ and I like it.

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