Airlines Behaving Badly


USA Today – United Airlines came under fire on social media Monday after video emerged of a man being violently dragged off of an overbooked flight out of Chicago.

Video of the incident, posted online by Audra D. Bridges at 7:30 p.m. Sunday, shows the man screaming as he is dragged off of the plane by what appears to be security personnel.

The way United Airlines treated this man was reprehensible. The 300s strongly opposes passengers being violently dragged off of commercial flights. What’s that, you have four employees you need to fly from Chicago to Louisville? That sounds like a you problem, United, not a me problem.

That being said, the Twitter tough guys saying they are going to boycott United is laughable. If you fly once a year, your business won’t be missed. Also, anyone who pays for their own flight (i.e., not business travelers) who says they wouldn’t book United over another airline to save even one buck is lying. All airlines suck, so I always choose the cheapest flight. I am loyal to my wallet.

Also, this flight was from Chicago to Louisville. A quick check of Google Maps reveals that this is a drive of just over four hours. I won’t even consider flying if the drive is less than eight hours.

If you left Chicago at the same time this plane was scheduled to take off, you would’ve been halfway across Indiana by the time it actually did take off after a two hour delay. If you left your house the same time these passengers left for the airport, you would have beaten them to Louisville. Even without the two hour delay, you wouldn’t get to your destination in Louisville much later after accounting for time to get off the plane and grab your luggage.

This could be a great experiment for The 300s. I drive, you fly. We both leave the house at noon, see who gets their first. Big Z is #TeamCar all day every day.

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