Yes, Fanny Packs Are BACK!

Huffington Post – According to Hollywood stars, the hottest accessory on the market is a fanny pack. Yes, really. Practical and stylish, the coolness factor of the bag has risen over the past few years. Kendall Jenner and rapper A$AP Rocky love them, Leonardo DiCaprio sported one on a trip to Thailand, Sofia Richie wears hers hiking and Kourtney Kardashian has a few Chanel versions herself.

All I can say is, FINALLY. Fanny packs have been shunned for too long. Its just not right. The perfect summer accessory is BACK. Why ostracize a perfectly functional accessory? I’m telling you guys, style is cyclical. Look at snapback hats. I used to be able to buy those hats for $0.50 cents at Building 19 because they weren’t fitted so everyone thought they were poor people hats.

If its the middle of the summer, the last thing I wanna do is wear some thick ass khaki shorts or even worse jeans, just to make sure all my shit doesn’t fall out of my pockets. And don’t even tell me to wear lighter shorts or gym shorts with pockets. You should just throw all your stuff out now because those pockets might as well have holes in them.

Not exactly how I would rock mine, but A$AP knows whats up with the fanny pack.

Plus what if I wanna carry a pack of gum, some chapstick, my cellphone, my wallet, maybe my phone charger. Ya know…the more I write this, the more it seems like a way for men to get away with carrying a purse.

Welp, count me in. The male purse never really caught on as Jerry Seinfeld can attest. It’s European!

But this is the next best thing. We got white jeans for dudes now, we got male rompers, its 2017, lets get nuts. Get me a goddamn fanny pack.


PS – As usual, McConaughey was light years ahead of everyone. Rust Cohle was rocking the fanny pack all the way back in 2014.

“I’m not afraid of the fanny pack. I got so much gear in here that I don’t want in my pockets…You know what, how many times have you been around someone and they’re like, ‘Aw, man, I forgot so and so and I gotta go back to my car.'” Pretending to take something out of his hip pouch, he added: “I got mine right here.” via USA Magazine

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