Lakers Reportedly Souring on Lonzo Ball, Shockingly Because of LaVar

CSN – When the Lakers landed the No. 2 pick in the NBA draft, it seemed like all but a formality that they would select UCLA’s Lonzo Ball. But with the draft just weeks away, Magic Johnson and the Lakers may be souring on Ball, according to The Huffington Post’s Jordan Schultz. And, you guessed it, it may be LaVar’s fault.

If the Lakers pass on Lonzo Ball, who Magic Johnson has all but professed his love for on TV, right AFTER Lonzo apparently passed on a $10 million shoe deal because of his loudmouth father then I think its time for LaVar Ball to officially pipe down.

Pretty hard to sell shoes and be a household name in Phoenix or if you’re LUCKY, Philadelphia. In a matter of like 6 months LaVar may have hurt his own son’s draft value, killed his dream of playing for his hometown LA Lakers and made his son pass on a shoe deal for the sake of tentpoling his own Big Baller Brand. Welp, better hope Lonzo’s pretty fucking good because ain’t no Kardashians coming to Sacramento.

I do find it hard to believe that Magic Johnson is gonna pass on the guy though. By all reports Magic seemingly covets Lonzo. MJ is gonna pass on a flashy PG to draft some project big man? Don’t buy it. Magic would be the first fucking guy out in a Friday night poker game with the boys because no one believes a goddamn word he says. But you gotta love the fact its prob making Lavar sweat a bit.

If Lonzo doesn’t end up in LA that is a yuuuge hit for LaVar’s grand stage-dad plan for him. Andrew Wiggins was the No. 1 overall pick and got his own shoe deal and I have never seen a single person wearing them. You don’t hear a single word about him unless you’re watching SportsCenter at midnight. Meanwhile as a Laker, Nick Young, AKA Swaggy P, is an internet star and dating (formerly?) Iggy Azalea. All while being TERRIBLE at basketball.

Even in this day and age of social media, geography is a big deal. There’s a reason LeBron and co. built a super team in Miami and not in Utah.

As I said though, Magic is probably just trying to throw everyone off his scent because the Ball family in LA just makes too much sense to not happen. Not to mention, they are guaranteed to team up with the Kardashians and spawn some hit reality show like Ballin with the Kardashians or some shit.

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