The LPGA Is Implementing A New, Very Strict Dress Code and People Aren’t Over the Moon About It

AOL – The Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) is under fire for “body-shaming” its female players after the organization introduced a stricter dress code including longer skirts and no plunging necklines. A reporter for Teen Vogue magazine wrote, “we don’t see why someone can’t look professional in leggings. If anything, policing these women’s bodies and clothes takes away from their professional accomplishments. And if the sport wants a positive image, body-shaming is not the way to get it.” The new dress code, according to Golf Digest, includes no “plunging necklines,” and “leggings, unless under a skort or shorts, are not allowed.” Additionally, “length of skirt, skort and shorts MUST be long enough to not see your bottom area at any time, standing or bent over.”

Little insight from your old buddy Danny C here folks, if you’re a regular old Joe Schmo chances are people are not going to take it well if you tell chicks what to where, especially if it has to do with certain body parts. So you have to be OUTSIDE OF YOUR FUCKING MIND if you are a major organization, especially a sports league, to publish something so tone deaf like this.

First and foremost is the fact that I like to think I have a general knowledge of the LPGA. I know who Michelle Wie is, I have a blog in the works regarding my love for recent Women’s PGA Championship winner Danielle Kang, I followed the dominance of Annika Sorenstam, etc. Also, while at a bar, having lunch or whatever, if the LPGA is on I’ll watch it. Maybe it’s not the Masters, but it’s still better players than me with different strategies to consider. With that said I have never, ever seen a competitor on an LPGA course or during an LPGA event and said anything along the lines of, oh I don’t know, “Ok girl. Ok girl I see you.” It just doesn’t happen.

And to be clear I get any professional environment needs a dress code, but the LPGA is just stirring the pot here for no reason. Sure you have Wie twerking on IG and Paige Spiranac (who’s basically retired anyway) burning down every off-the-course medium in general, but that’s their personal social media accounts and their prerogatives. They’re young people who like being young. Watch “Murder She Wrote”, take a nap, and fuck off, LPGA.

The other thing that is a little irksome is the timing of this decree, in the middle of the season. I never understand decisions like this. If you are going to overhaul what these 9-iron wielding minxes are wearing on the course, why wouldn’t you do it between seasons or during a lull? Why now?

The fact that the LPGA caused this mess for themselves is completely asinine. You have a young, likable champ in Kang. Golf is growing ever popular. Although she may not like what she wears or how she presents herself (my guess is?) Spiranac is bringing more attention to women’s golf than ever and you react by being what amounts to the fun police? Oh and can I just mention I’m friends with enough chicks (humblebrag) to know that sometimes they just get fucking hot, same as guys, so in the middle of the golf course on a dog day of summer I’m sure, yes, wearing a little a less probably does help. Idiots.

P.S – I’d be doing everyone a disservice to not quickly mention that there is nothing worse on planet earth than White Knights and the fact that most of the people internet-mad in the above article are dudes. Hey guys LPGA golfers aren’t going to find you more attractive because you defend their right to Amish country-slut it up on twitter.



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