Shane O Mac Rescued From A Helicopter Crash

Shane McMahon. Shane O Mac. Young Simba. The spoiled brat you couldn’t hate if you tried growing up because you knew he was as cool as he acted. The prodigal son of the WWF (I refuse to call it WWE) who despite not being a regular competitor would show up once a year to sacrifice life and limb to put on a hell of a show, getting ragolled and jumping off of shit through tables, trash cans, etc. And now this.

Shane O’ and his pilot had to crash land their helicopter in the Atlantic and get rescued when the helicopter by all accounts fully shit the bed mid-flight. And he’s out here talking and tweeting about like he survived a routing fender bender, unbelievable.

On second thought, he probably just got bored and thought he could land an elbow drop on a shark.


About Joey Ballgame

I'd like to take this chance to apologize to absolutely nobody. Views from the 617. Primarily MMA and pop culture takes from down in the rabbit hole. Sports straight out of left field.
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