Please Keep Dougie In Your Thoughts As Chipotle Goes Under The SEC’s Microscope (Still/Again)

Quick one here. You may or may not have heard that Chipotle is in trouble, again/still from last time, for being filthy and disease-ridden. Not to be outdone by the E.Coli outbreak at the location near BC, an outpost in Virginia has caused about 130 people to get sick. You almost have to admire the Drago “if they die, they die” approach these folks take when it comes to their customers.

The latest news though, like all that pertains to Chipotle, is a personal story for us at the 300. You see, our fearless leader Dougie MacRay lives for the subtle notes of food-borne illness in the burritos and bowls he consumes around the clock. The pseudo-Mexican, borderline fast food that Chipotle serves holds a near and dear place in his heart; it is the driving force behind the every-man nature of his ambition. Basically without Chipotle he has no reason to live.

So let’s keep Dougie in our thoughts as this investigation moves forward. For without him you have less to do while not working and I can’t write tinfoil helmet blogs about the UFC.


Editors note: As normal, I’ll let movie quotes do the talking for me.

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