George Costanza Protege Danny Tartabull Calls Cops, Forgetting That He Himself Is On The Run

Yahoo –  Danny Tartabull was finally arrested by police Wednesday after more than five years on the run. The former New York Yankees and Kansas City Royals outfielder was caught after he called the cops, according to TMZ.

Tartabull wasn’t calling police to turn himself in, though. He was calling them to report that someone broke into his car. Cops ran his name when they arrived at the scene and realized there was a warrant out for Tartabull’s arrest.

This is just incredible. Not just because of the basics of the story itself, which are indeed awesome – a non-pro athlete nobody calling the cops when he himself is wanted is still an absolute hoot – but a pro athlete from the 90’s who guested on “Seinfeld” getting caught in a self-devised sting – a scenario that very well could serve as a “Seinfeld” episode? Now we are in the “GOLD BLOG CONTENT” category.

Really though, I feel for my man Danny Tartabull, and not just because I had his card growing up and I thought he looked like a badass with that face full of chew. I feel for him because I too lose all sense of reality and rationality when my car situation gets fucked up. Tickets, towed, fender benders, the one time I thought it was stolen (had taken a cab home drunk, was looking for it on the wrong street). Any and all the above happens and I lose my fucking mind. It sucks. It just brings your day to a screeching halt. Us city dwellers don’t always need our cars, but when we need them, we absolutely need them. If I can Lyft or T-it I will rather than drive 100000% percent of the time. But if I have to be somewhere not applicable to other means of transport, I fully need and expect access to my car. That said I’m sure Danny Tartabull was fucking pissed his carefully planned day was washed by someone swiping his car and called the authorities, with the 2% chance they’d find his car with enough daylight left to accomplish even half his day’s to-do list, in mind. It just so happened he himself was wanted by said authorities and they locked him up. The real shame is that George gave Tartabull tips on his at bats instead of tips on how to get out of an unavoidable arrest. The Summer of Danny it is not.

P.S: This episode would be the called “The Warrant(s)”.


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