Making Sense Of This Weekend

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I might start doing this on Monday’s – just quick hits to digest stuff that happened over the weekend. There is a lot that goes down when I’m not attached to this keyboard that is still worth addressing. So now that I’m back on the grind almost rid of the 2 day hangovers I’m blessed with, let’s get to it.

Jon Jones Is Probably The GOAT But Made A Crucial Error

“Bones” beat Daniel Cormier again, this time finishing him to reclaim the UFC Light-Heavyweight title. I think it’s starting to look like we need to anoint Jones the GOAT, as he made another contender for that title look completely human. Good for Jon Jones for getting it together.

On the other hand he screwed up the post-fight presser. I know the Brock Lesnar fight would be huge, I know Jones wants a huge fight, and I know Stipe Miocic is not that well-known of a name yet. That’s all fine and good. However, Lesnar can’t fight until the end of this year or early next year. Jones and Miocic are both sort of hard up for contenders, unless Jones wants to rematch Alexander Gustaffson. Therefore, a super-fight with the reigning UFC Heavyweight Champion, Miocic, would have been an easy and logical fight to sell – Jones’ first and long awaited foray into the heavyweight division against the current baddest man on the planet. Well, this fight is kind of hard to make now that “Bones” pretty much trashed it at his post-fight presser, stating Miocic isn’t well known enough and so it wouldn’t really be a super-fight. Maybe you don’t flee crashed vehicles anymore but your decision making still sucks, Mr. Jones.

And Now His Watch Has Ended

Rob Ninkovich retiring is truly the end of an era. He is a textbook example of a Belichick success story – a late round pick and unspectacular player who comes into the Pats’ system, works hard, plays his role, and succeeds. He played both Defensive End and Linebacker without ever complaining about the constant shifts, almost wearing his being taken for granted as a badge of honor. He helped bring us two titles and made a slew of big plays. Hopefully the proud Purdue Boilermaker sticks around to mentor, etc. as if every young player had his work ethic and attitude, the team would be better for it. Thanks, Ninko.

The Sox Clubhouse Would Appear To Be A Mess

We’re only a half-game back and I guess things could get better, but things look ugly in Boston. We knew there was a chance this could happen. Dombrowski’s MO in the past has been to gut a farm system for “win now” players with it being a toss up whether or not those teams actually won. Devers and Nunez I’m actually optimistic about but our pitching staff is a completely different story. Add that to the fact that Dombrowski didn’t even attempt to get Pat Neshek among others to strengthen the bullpen and it’s looking a bit grim. BUT HEY PATS TRAINING CAMP STARTED! FOOTBALL IN A COUPLE MONTHS!

I Have No Fucking Clue What Is Happening On Game Of Thrones

If Dougie doesn’t have a dominoes tournament or something this week we’ll get a pod up to discuss this further, but this is the first time I’m totally lost when it comes to GOT. In the past, even amidst chaos there was a logical, intuitive path you could foresee them taking. Now there isn’t one. Everyone’s dead, or dying, or stuck in neutral, or mind-DVR’ing their sister’s wedding night rape. Just all over the fucking place. Hopefully the next couple of week clears thing sup a bit.

North Korea Has Zero Chill

Having no respect for human life is one thing. Having no respect for the weekend, a time to kick, have a few brews, and not worry about intercontinental ballistic missiles coming out of the clouds is not something I will stand for.

Steph Curry Shitting On Lebron Filled Me With Joy

Chef Curry just confirmed that athletes think the same things about Lebron that sane normal people do: that he’s an insufferable, awkward, try-hard who needs to be relentlessly mocked into silence. Lebron is the rare example of a human that should be bullied. Cyberly. In-person. I don’t care. You just got clowned on by the skinny kid from Davidson. Fuck you LBJ.


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