People In The Bay Area Are Returning Huskies At An Alarming Rate Once They Realize They Do Not Want Their Own Direwolf

ABC – A Bay Area dog rescue club says the popular show, ‘Game of Thrones’ is leading to more dog surrenders, especially ones that look like the show’s popular Direwolves. “They’d be like, ‘Oh wow, Direwolves.'” Patty LaCava could barely make it around a San Francisco block with her two huskies when “Game of Thrones” debuted.

As I pondered this article upon reading it, the “Game Of Thrones” theme music began playing in my head, as it tends to do. That foreboding musical preview of a bloody, relentless fight for power flowed note for note through my cranium, and I imagined it ending with an opening scene set not in a medieval village or castle where Lords and Ladies argued over alliances, battles, and political strategy, but in a hip coffee shop on a hill where a beat poet rallied against climate change and techies discussed new frontiers of engineering and, well, political strategy.

Needless to say it didn’t fit. And neither does large fucking wolf-dogs in the middle of a city. Huskies need room to exercise and wander and the like. A 1 bedroom apartment that may be near a BART stop but that adds up to a generous 300 sq feet isn’t exactly ideal, even if it is close to the same dog park the cute girl from the biergarten goes to.

This reminds me of when “Sons Of Anarchy” was popular and all of a sudden “Jackson” shot to the top of the list of most popular baby names. All of us on the outside looking in sort of just chuckled knowing that a.) in a a few years context would be forgotten or embarrassingly ignored and b.)these people would some day have to explain to their kid they were named after a murderous biker their parents for some reason deified. Nice work.

So word to the wise folks, don’t get caught up in the majesty of GOT. Don’t buy a Husky if you live in a studio and don’t buy a sword. At all. Leave the adventures in high-fantasy to the people best suited for it – highly paid actors who prefer Shih Tzus.


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