NBA Live 2018 Just Guaranteed Itself a MEGA Hit as It Will Have the WNBA in This Year’s Game

That sound you just heard was the cash register RINGING OFF THE HOOK. Look, have I ever thought in the 21 years (!) the WNBA has been in existence “I really wish I could play with these gals on my PS4” ? No, no I have not. BUT, give me that option and you bet your ass I’ll be jacking up set shots and technically perfect layups while spacing the floor like its a 1950s NBA game. Sounds like a Brad Stevens wet dream.

In fact I may even force my friends to use strictly WNBA teams when they come over to play a couple games. Chicago Sky vs Minnesota Lynx for $100. Whats the fun in dunking from the free throw line with the Greek Freak when you can drive to the hole for a layup with Candace Parker?

The real question is, will NBA Live 2018 let you play WNBA teams vs NBA teams? THAT would be something. In fact I feel like EA would be doing the fans a disservice really if they don’t allow this. Get excited.

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