WFAN Host Craig Carton Arrested by the FBI for Fake Ticket Broker Scheme

NY Daily News – FBI agents arrested sports radio host Craig Carton early Wednesday at his Manhattan home, officials said. Carton, one half of WFAN’s “Boomer and Carton Show,” was arrested on investment fraud-related charges, the FBI confirmed. WPIX reported he’d been arrested for involvement in a $2 million fake tickets scam.

WOW. When I heard on the radio this morning that Craig Carton had gotten arrested, I figured it was for like a DUI or something. Nope, the fucking FBI came to Carton’s door in the middle of the night and arrested the WFAN talk show host for allegedly running a multi-million dollar fake ticket broker operation.

Carton, allegedly, was taking investors money for a company that promised to sell blocks of tickets to games and events…except there were no tickets. So I don’t really know what the long term play was here. Doesn’t seem like Craig really thought this one out. Reminds me of the Underpants Gnomes from South Park.

Step 1: Take money from investors.
Step 2: ???
Step 3: Profit

For anyone that isn’t a sports radio junkie, Boomer and Carton are basically the Felger and Mazz of NYC. So obviously a very successful show, both probably making oodles of money. And this fucking dummy figures thats not enough so let me set up a ponzi scheme and swindle people out of millions of dollars. This isn’t like neglecting to tell the cashier that you actually got bacon on your sandwich to save a couple bucks, this is defrauding people out of yuuge sums of money.

So this guy is fucked. Good luck getting another job in New York, let alone getting on the radio again. But what this does do is open the gates wide for the next star of sports talk radio…Chris Christie. Make it happen WFAN, sack up. Your loudmouth fans need this. I need this. It would be like a modern day Ronald Reagan, except in reverse. A popular politician leaving it all to go to Hollywood (i.e. glamorous talk radio).

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