As He Awaits Trial, Alleged Ponzi Schemer/WFAN Radio Host Craig Carton is Back On the Air…Sort Of.

GothamSN – Whether or not you love or hate him for his antics, one thing everyone can agree on about Craig Carton is he’s always been someone who’s craved the spotlight…As his former co-host Boomer Esaison said of Carton after he resigned, he wouldn’t be surprised if “somehow someway” Carton was “in front of a microphone again.” Sure enough, here he is once again with a microphone, a platform — and more importantly for someone like him — the attention. For someone facing a long and grueling legal battle to vouch for their supposed innocence, calling Carton’s decision to proceed with launching his own website and podcast questionable would be a total understatement.

Some people just can’t stop themselves. It would seem former WFAN sports talk radio host Craig Carton is without a doubt one of those guys. As he currently awaits trial for allegedly masterminding a ponzi scheme that screwed investors out of millions of dollars, Carton has (probably) told his legal advisors to piss off and is launching his own podcast.

Now is it smart for a guy currently under investigation by the F-B-I

to be all over the internet spewing his thoughts about anything and everything? Probablyyy not. My legal advice would probably be to just shut the fuck up and hope by some miracle you avoid doing jail time. Just pray for a white collar criminal slap on the wrist. I think pretending nothing is wrong and jumping back into the game, which will undoubtedly have your name making headlines (like this one!) at a time when you want to be off the radar is bad for business. I don’t know, kinda seems like a fucking terrible idea.

Maybe he’s just taking a play out of the Lil Wayne playbook: just get so much pre-recorded material in the can, then slowly release it throughout your time in prison so by the time you’re out, its like you were never gone. GENIUS. I changed my mind, Craig Carton is two steps ahead of all of us. I’m all in on Carton’s podcast now. Final answer.

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