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Richard Deitsch Ranks the Top 25 PxP Broadcasters: The 300s Reacts

Sports Illustrated – We live in a great era for play-by-play voices. The list of quality game-callers is deep and sports broadcasting has become far more inclusive than ever as evidenced by women (Tiffany Greene, Beth Mowins, Kate Scott, etc…) … Continue reading

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Donald Trump Makes it Clear He’s a “Merry Christmas” Guy

This guy is a big dumb animal, but even when its unintentional, he really is fucking hilarious. “Well guess what, we’re saying Merry Christmas again.” I mean he’s the ultimate example of “stick and move,” and “deny, deny accuse.” Just … Continue reading

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Craig Carton Just Resigned from WFAN

So after last week’s wild story of Craig Carton getting a visit from the FBI for allegedly running a multi-million dollar ticket scam, he resigned from WFAN today. What a wild situation to find yourself in. As a guy who … Continue reading

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Introducing The 300s Sports Journalist Power Rankings

Sports Journalist Power Rankings? This needs to happen plain and simple. I’m sure pro athletes, for all the money and fame they have, are sick of a lot of shit. Primarily dumpy white dudes in their fifties deciding which players … Continue reading

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