Evidence Mounts that Laptops Are Bad for Students at Lectures. You Think?

The Verge – Do you use a laptop or tablet to take notes during school lectures or meetings? If so, you might want to reconsider pen and paper; there’s increasing evidence that using laptops during lectures decreases learning, which can result in lower grades, reports The New York Times. To study this, researchers at Princeton University and the University of California asked a group of students to take notes at a lecture using pen and paper while another group used laptops. The experiment found that the students who used a laptop did not understand the lecture as well as those who wrote their notes out by hand.

Yea, no shit! Scientists strike again. Seriously I’ve never seen a group paid more to do less than scientists. Maybe TV weathermen, who don’t even need to be right with their weather predictions to stay on my TV for two decades.

Of course laptops for students in class are bad. You know what I used to do on my laptop basically all through senior year? I downloaded a ROM and played fucking Pokemon Red Version ALL year.

Granted, I was a Journalism major, which didn’t have the most grueling classes, but still. I had a kid that sat in front of me in my math class and he would just pop in one earbud and literally just watch Netflix in class.

If college wasn’t such an amazing four years of experiences, then I’d be prettyy pissed off about all those crippling loans paying for student debt that we took on under the promise of jobs that don’t exist anymore.

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