RIP Hugh Hefner: The GOAT of All GOATS 

Michael Jordan. Tom Brady. Steve Jobs. Chuck Norris. These names represent the pinnacle of all that is man. And they don’t even TOUCH Hugh Hefner. The man truly was in a class of his own.

Just stop to think about his life for a minute and really break it down. The guy created a magazine and more importantly a brand where he made a fortune taking photos of beautiful women, threw elaborate parties, and just generally lived life on his own terms. He parlayed that into one of the most fantasy factory-esque establishments ever created in the Playboy Mansion. A place where naked women roamed and guests wore silk pajamas to gigantic parties all while Hef crushed everything in sight.

There is nobody in human history more synonymous with a place than Hef is with the Playboy Mansion. Not Derek Jeter and Yankee Stadium. Not Ted Danson and Cheers. Not even Robert Downey Jr and rehab. Hef WAS the the Playboy Mansion and thats why he was such a folk hero. The guy said fuck living a regular life and built his own dreamworld.

So pour one out for an absolute pioneer, a titan of industry, and a true American hero; Hugh Hefner. RIP Hef.

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