Groom Jumps Into Lake and Saves a Little Kid Before His Wedding

Yahoo -Brittany and Clayton Cook were taking full advantage of the warm September weather on their wedding day, posing for pictures at Victoria Park in London, Ontario, after their ceremony. As often happens, the spectacle of the bride and groom drew the attention of three children, who excitedly watched the photo shoot. But while Brittany posed for a couple of solo pics, Clay suddenly noticed something was wrong…“I saw the kids around, and there were three of them, and then there were two, so I thought, ‘I better just double-check to make sure all the kids were OK,’” he recounts to Yahoo Lifestyle. “When I went over there, he was struggling a bit, so I tried to just get him out of there. I jumped down, reached as far as I could and plucked him out.”

What a wild story, good thing this guy Clay was johnny on the spot here. Dude was in the middle of his wedding day photos (kind of a big deal to the ladies) and notices theres suddenly one less kid watching them. Springs into action and jumps into the lake to save this kid. Great, heroic story, but I just laughed thinking about how the wife is probably sneaky pissed her husband is soaked and ruined the pictures.

Not to mention the bridesmaids definitely went WILD for this guy after he did his best Superman impression. Nothing women like more than having to bat away the floozies on their own wedding day. Probably still gives the guy shit about it to this day.

“I guess if you are going to take anything away from it, it’s the importance of having your kids learn how to swim at an early age.”

Love the wife’s moral of the story too. Not be careful. Not be kind to others. Teach your fucking kids how to swim. Straight to the point. Respect it.


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