Donald Trump Makes it Clear He’s a “Merry Christmas” Guy

This guy is a big dumb animal, but even when its unintentional, he really is fucking hilarious.

“Well guess what, we’re saying Merry Christmas again.”

I mean he’s the ultimate example of “stick and move,” and “deny, deny accuse.” Just smokescreens everywhere. Oh Puerto Rico’s fucked? We’re saying Merry Christmas again. Boom. Huh? Russia? Well did you see these sons of bitches in the NFL? Misdirection strategy like you read about.

Not exactly a master politician, but as the director of the biggest reality TV show the world has ever seen? The guy is goddamn aces. Dude just puts on a show like he’s a talk radio host. Trump is basically Howard Stern at this point.

Assuming we don’t all get nuked to hell before he’s out of office, there’s one thing I know for a fact. And it doesn’t matter whether your a democrat or a republican. TrumpTV will be the highest rated thing in the history of entertainment.

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