It’s a Great Day For a Winter Lager!

Nothing gets me ready for the holiday season better than a Samuel Adams Winter Lager on a 72° day in Boston!

Look, it’s hard to rag on Jim Koch. There are definitely a few too many varieties of Sam Adams these days but he is the granddaddy of the American craft beer movement. He was making beer in his kitchen before it was cool. Still, I can’t help but point out the absurdity of the Sam Adams seasonal schedule.

The Sam Adams seasonal schedule is no longer based in reality. Summer Ale at Fenway Park on April 1 is comical. Seeing Summer Ale get pushed aside for Octoberfest when it’s still hot-as-balls in mid-August is depressing. Popping open a Winter Lager on 72° day is preposterous. And the poor old spring seasonal White Ale Noble Pils Alpine Spring Cold Snap only gets about six weeks every year. At least it’s around for the Super Bowl.

And it’s probably going to get worse. With global warming and el niño, how long until Octoberfest becomes a beach beer?

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