Pedialyte Just Changed the Game with Hangover Freeze Pops

Pedialyte just changed. the. game. I had friends in college who would swear by Pedialyte as the drink of choice for a hangover, but I never dabbled myself. Just never felt the urge to walk down the aisles in the grocery store and feel those eyes on me. That shame. When you’re buying Pedialyte people know either you have a kid who needs his electrolytes or you got black out drunk last night and need a fix. Well Pedialyte just went and flipped the game on its head with these Hangover Freeze Pops.

Huge freeze pop guy. In fact I once ate a whole box of them with a friend when we were like 12. Juvenile diabetes like you read about. But you can bet your ass I’ll be buying a box of these (hopefully) hangover curing freeze pops. It would seem like Pedialyte is in the midst of a re-brand too, targeting 20 something degenerates like myself. Seriously, check out some of their other recent tweets.


Do you enjoy getting shithoused watching your favorite football team? Pedialyte’s there for your irresponsible ass.

Tryna get day drunk? Lets get after it.

Long night of vodka and drinking out of dick shaped straws? Pedialyte it is.

I am all about this new look Pedialyte. I no longer will be shamed using a kid’s medicine for debaucherous purposes. Crack open a couple freeze pops and fire up the Netflix.

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