NOT SO FAST – Joey B’s XFL Dream Team: A Rebuttal

So the XFL is back, it’s football re-envisioned, no thongs or concussions yadda yadda ok great.

As I told Dougie earlier the novelty has already worn off and it’s been two hours. HOWEVER, coming up with a dream team? Brotha, I’m your man. As a recovering draft nerd, I still dabble in discovering fringe pro players who may be looking for work. Here’s how my team would play out:

QB1: Dominique Davis

Image result for dominique davis east carolina

Davis was a HUGE recruit for BC. A dual-threat QB, he failed at school in Chestnut Hill and then failed at football at East Carolina. I think he’d venture down from the CFL for the right opportunity.


Clipboard Holder: Brady Quinn

Image result for brady quinn notre dame

The pride of Dublin, OH. He knows the game. He’s good looking. He likes being on TV. Done deal.

Emergency QB: JaMarcus Russell

Image result for jamarcus russell fat

Someone has to throw the hail mary.


RB1: Peyton Hillis

Image result for peyton hillis

Over-muscled and ill tempered, Hillis once graced the cover of Madden. I have no doubt he’d jump at the opportunity to grace the bargain bin of Game Stop as the poster boy for XFL 20′.

RB2: Denard Robinson

Image result for denard robinson

Shoelace himself. The fastest guy I’ve ever watched. a college QB turned RB. Great 3rd down guy, get the ball in his hands and let him fly. Or watch his shoes come off. Entertainment is the name of the XFL game.


FB: Glenn Gronkowski

Image result for glenn gronkowski

Sticking with Dougie’s pick here. You need a Gronk in the league.


WR1: Adarius Bowman

Image result for adarius bowman

My dream comes true. Adarius Bowman playing under the bright lights on US soil. Another CFL guy, Bowman was a draft crush of mine wayyy back when. He was a specimen (6’3 220ish) of a WR coming out of OK ST and then….well then he ran a 4.8 at the combine. No bueno. It’s comeback season baby.

WR2: Chad Jackson

Image result for chad jackson

Ole Action Jackson. The first in a long line of Bill Belichick WR draft busts comes to seek his revenge.

WR3: Armanti Edwards

Image result for armanti edwards

The QB who led App St’s upset over Michigan actually showed enough promise to be drafted in the 3rd round by Carolina as a WR. He too, is now in Canada.

TE: Zak Sudfeld

Image result for zach sudfeld tall

MINIIIII GROOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNKKK. The greatest preseason player ever comes back as the greatest XFL TE ever.


About Joey Ballgame

I'd like to take this chance to apologize to absolutely nobody. Views from the 617. Primarily MMA and pop culture takes from down in the rabbit hole. Sports straight out of left field.
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