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So Apparently the Alliance of American Football is Getting Good Reviews?

Well, I did not see this coming. Back in November, I presented my pretty frank thoughts regarding the upcoming, brand-new “professional” football league, the Alliance of American Football, which made its grand debut this past weekend. (Quick recap: I was … Continue reading

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The Alliance of American Football is Apparently Coming This Spring, and I Couldn’t Care Less

Raise your hand if you’ve heard of the Alliance of American Football league, which is set to kick off its inaugural season this spring… Don’t worry; I will fully admit I had ZERO idea what the hell it was either. … Continue reading

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The Son of Dick Ebersol is Launching a Pro Football League to Rival the XFL

ESPN – “While Vince McMahon promises to bring back a revamped XFL in 2020, a son of McMahon’s partner in the original short-lived XFL venture said his football league will come first. And some big NFL names will be involved. … Continue reading

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NOT SO FAST – Joey B’s XFL Dream Team: A Rebuttal

So the XFL is back, it’s football re-envisioned, no thongs or concussions yadda yadda ok great. As I told Dougie earlier the novelty has already worn off and it’s been two hours. HOWEVER, coming up with a dream team? Brotha, … Continue reading

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The XFL is Back! Lets Start Constructing Our Dream Team

“What would you do if you could reimagine the game of football?” Vince McMahon always has been and always will be the ultimate showman. Oh that ill conceived football league I launched in 2001 that only lasted one season? Well … Continue reading

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How Did the New York Islanders End Up with a Bastard Dragon for a Mascot?

The tale of how Sparky the Dragon came to be.

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