Richard Sherman and Aqib Talib Reportedly Interested in Joining Patriots

Boston Herald – The Patriots should focus on a couple power hitters to replace outgoing cornerback Malcolm Butler. Suffice to say, two of the most intriguing corners in the NFL have their eye on the Patriots. For now, Richard Sherman is a Seahawk and Aqib Talib is a Bronco, and the Pats can’t do anything about that. But there’s an understanding in league circles that both could become available at some point this offseason…Last offseason the Pats did call the Seahawks about Sherman, who turns 30 at the end of this month, but the trade interest was brief. Sherman was receptive to the idea of joining the Patriots then and still is now if Seattle goes in another direction, according to a source..Talib, 32, would be receptive to the idea of rejoining the Patriots, according to a source. So if the Broncos unload him prior to free agency, that potential courtship could begin in the coming days.

As Howe mentions here, last season the Patriots actually explored a potential deal with Seattle for Richard Sherman, which obviously didn’t go through. But you have to think the framework of a potential deal is at least there with the price only having gone down since then.

Now as Felger and Mazz producer Jimmy Stewart points out, both Sherman and Talib are (or will be) on the wrong side of 30 by next season and the Patriots decided to move on from Darrelle Revis at the age of…yup you guessed it, 30.

But I think more of that had to do with Revis’ compete level than his actual age.

If there’s one thing that Sherman…

…and Talib…

…absolutely do not lack it is a psychotic compete level. Plus cornerback isn’t like runningback where you just completely fall off a cliff at 30. So I wouldn’t be as concerned with that.

Now obviously Sherman is coming off a torn achilles soo that would give me a bit of pause. Contrary to popular belief that injury is less than ideal, but hey guess what? The cupboards are bare at cornerback. So unless something better becomes available I will take one (or both) of these guys in a second. Now obviously both are still under contract with their respective teams so the Patriots can not and should not wait on these guys, but hey if they are still rice paper thin at cornerback once the summer gets here then they’d be downright negligent to not at least kick the tires.

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