The Official Daily “Did Gronk Get Traded?” Blog, Presented By: Joey B’s Daily Reminder That Life Is Meaningless

This is sort of an addendum to Dougie’s blog but here we are. As we all know by now Brandin Cooks, the first true, blue, lights out receiver the Pats have had since Randy Moss was traded yesterday for, by and large, a first round pick. I’ve seen a few folks on the interwebs (namely the good people at Walter Football) mention that Cooks clearly sucked in terms of his locker room presence, hence why despite his talent he’s been discarded by two teams in two years at age 24, and I get that. That’s a good point. I’ve also heard the normal “crafty Belichick” explanations that come about after big subtractions like this one. In this case, Belichick saw how #1 WRs are getting paid and realized he, in hindsight, was never going to be able to resign Cooks so he got something for him. That also makes sense.

However sometimes with Belichick and the Pats one just needs to see the forest through the trees. Sometimes things are pretty simple, as I honestly believe they are here.

Last year, I think the Pats honestly gave themselves a “let’s load the fuck up and win one” year. They got Cooks. They got Gilmore and kept an unhappy Butler anyway. They really did on paper have a top tier starting line up on both sides, save for the offensive line which of course became one of the teams huge Achilles fucking heels. Then Edelman got hurt, then Hightower. Things sort of went sideways. Yes, we went to the Super Bowl, but there were a lot of shaky, sloppy games in there, not to mention the fact that our road to Minnesota was paved by a particularly weak AFC East, the rest of which pick somewhere in the top 12 this April. When it all added up, I think Pats Nation knew that there were probably a few teams that could beat us come the big one, and that’s why, despite none of us ever admitting it, we weren’t as shocked or as crushed as the last two Super Bowl losses when one of them did.

So the Pats’ one year, mercenary laden, quest is over. Now Belichick will go back to trying to win, and mostly succeeding, with the David Patten’s and Otis Smith’s of the world while jettisoning anyone that doesn’t fall in line and care about nothing but championships; the “Patriot Way”.

And ya, I think this time that includes Gronk. #87 is sick of Belichick being such a buzz kill and of his overbearing nature as it pertains to his training and Belichick is sick of Gronk being sick of it. There has been how many stories about this this offseason? Where there is smoke there is fire. So let’s start checking in daily to see when Belichick makes his cruelest move yet and casts off one of the most beloved Pats of all time and the greatest to ever play the Tight End position YES THERE I FUCKING SAID IT.

Life is meaningless.

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