Today In Local News: New Hampshire Dad Says Two Little League Coaches Conspired To Bean His Daughter– A youth sports organization is investigating a man’s allegations that two baseball coaches talked about a plan to hurt his 11-year-old daughter, the only girl on her team, to force her to quit the program….He said two other coaches at the meeting who found the discussion inappropriate told him about the conversation, which they said took place during a draft meeting to assign players to team rosters last month.

With the risk of being a little offensive, I feel like the following statement is necessary to educate those not in the know and thus provide them with the appropriate context for both the story and this blog. You see kids it goes like this: New Hampshire and Maine aggregate to become what is basically the Florida of the Northeast. There, I said it. When you see a story as batshit as this you tend to eye it with some skepticism, but then see it originated from the 603 or the 207 and say, “Oop, that makes sense then.”

This one in particular has a little bit of everything. You got some bean ball, now considered plain dangerous by most but still considered an interesting bit of gamesmanship by yours truly. You have some sexism, directed at a juvenile in a public forum no less. You have a head of a little league who is choosing this fiasco as the hill he chooses to die on apparently as he seems to want to conduct an FBI-level investigation before ousting these assholes. When all is said and done, what we have here in the Live Free or Die State is a big ol’ “he said, they said” over whether or not a couple of little league coaches instructed their pitchers to headhunt an 11 year old girl in order to force her out of the league. With no sarcasm intended I say that nothing says “New England” (Connecticut you don’t count) like a completely misdirected, bloated competitive spirit mixed in with some bigotry.

Hope you get to keep your guns, sorry you have small dicks.

-Joey B.


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I'd like to take this chance to apologize to absolutely nobody. Views from the 617. Primarily MMA and pop culture takes from down in the rabbit hole. Sports straight out of left field.
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