Rapid Reactions at Halftime of Game 2 Between Celtics and Cavs.

LeBron was using allll of the Infinity Stones at the start of Game 2, going off for 21 points in the 1st quarter with 4 three pointers. He was playing out of his mind, hitting one ridiculous shot after the next.

Jaylen Brown was right there with him though, putting up 13 in the first quarter to help the Celtics keep pace.

But we all knew this was coming, we all knew LeBron was coming out throwing haymakers. After that blistering start LBJ only scored 4 points in the 2nd quarter, so its just a matter of holding down the patio furniture when the storms rolling through.

We did also get an absolutely money shot of sad LeBron James and you had to wonder just what he was thinking.

Also a scary moment towards the end of the second quarter when Jayson Tatum cut across the baseline attempting to steal a loose ball, shouldering LeBron James in the head in the process. LeBron looked pretty groggy and left the game to head back to the locker room so you had to start thinking concussion. But he came back about 90 seconds later so it would seem he’s fine, but who knows with shots to the head.

Kyle Korver also came to play tonight scoring 11 points in 9 minutes in the first half so thats less than ideal. Brown is currently the only Celtics player in double digits scoring so we’re gonna need someone to step up and help Jaylen shoulder the load.

Second Half LETS GOOOO

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