The 300s Empire Expands Again. Introducing Our Newest Writer, Mike D.

As Walter White once said, I’m in the empire business. And as we keep building The 300s empire we’re doubling down with more videos, reviews, podcasts, and of course blogs so we’re always looking for guys that can help us continue to produce that constantly improving content. Theres nothing more disappointing than when a site becomes too big too fail and they start posting stuff just to post it.

So we’re always on the lookout for funny dudes that can write and of course have no qualms about arguing with you in the middle of a bar about the sports topic du jour. With that being said I’d like to introduce the newest writer for The 300s:

Mike D.

“Amateur MMA fighter found on the doorstep of The 300s with two black eyes. I work hard so they keep me around. I have an opinion on everything so they lock me in the basement. When you read what I write, they feed me… I’m hungry.

Joe Kelly is my favorite athlete of all time.”

Keep an eye out for Mike’s first post coming tomorrow AM…


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