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Today in the Latest Episode of “Millennials Are Killing ____”

YahooThe millennial generation, those ages 18 to 37, are cheap when it comes to tipping restaurant servers, according to a new surveyed released by of 1,000 participants. When dining out, 10% of millennials said they typically leave no tip for their server, compared to just 3% of respondents who are older.

In today’s episode of “Millennials Are Killing ___” my generation is now accused of killing gratuity and being the worst tippers at restaurants. To that I must swiftly and decisively reply:

While I’m sure the survey team is very reputable, I gotta call bullshit on this study. 10% of millennials tip *nothing* when eating at a restaurant? If anyone tips its millennials because despite often complaining about low pay, exorbitant rent prices, impossibly high cost of buying a home, and a devalued college degree — if anyone tips its these guys. You know why? BECAUSE WE ALL HAVE WORKED THESE JOBS INTO OUR LATE 20s.

Ask anyone thats ever worked in the service industry what they tip and its always above and beyond because they understand how hard of a job it is. So don’t try and portray us all as Mr. Pink.

I have worked as a dishwasher, as a Gap denim folding specialist, and as a bouncer just to name a few of the service industry jobs and its because of that I don’t stiff the 19-year-old waitress because the guy in the back burnt my burger.

I have friends that still work 80 hours a week to make ends meet because the college degrees we all were pushed to attain, financial pitfalls aside, are now worth a fraction of the sticker price. Those people have gained something very valuable because of that; empathy.

So I’m calling kangaroo court on this whole survey.


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