Now Millennials are Accused of Killing Cereal? My Official Response:

CNN – “General Mills has a cereal problem. It thinks children and aging boomers can help solve it. The cereal category has been shrinking over the past several years as increasingly health-conscious consumers turn to other options. But cereal remains important to General Mills: Along with yogurt, it makes up about 30% of the company’s overall business…While Millennials have generally turned away from cereal as a meal -— instead snacking on it during the day or swapping it out for dessert on occasion — kids and older adults who eat cereal still like it for breakfast…For people over 55, cereal is attractive because it offers certain nutritional benefits, like fiber. While Millennials and younger adults tend to care about “ethical labels,” like organic certifications and may try avoid foods that use genetically-modified organisms…”

It is one of my great joys in life to blog about what “millennials killed” every time one of these stories comes up. We’ve apparently killed department stores, tipping, beer, canned tuna, and even the United States economy among other things. Well now I see this headline that Millennials abandoned cereal? My official response:

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