Off-Duty Burger King Worker Lends a Hand and Gets Fired

Fox News – Customers at a Burger King in Jacksonville, Fla., believe a woman waiting in line took the restaurant’s “Have it your way” slogan a little too literally when she hopped behind the counter and started preparing an order.

Witnesses say they watched the woman ─ who was photographed wearing a tank top and shorts ─ leave the slow-moving line and step into the food prep area, where she proceeded to slap on a pair of gloves before getting down to work…

In a statement to Fox News, Burger King said that the woman was an off-duty employee, but confirmed that the incident should not have happened. It also stated that the manager, and the woman, had been fired.

FIRED? This woman deserves a medal from the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce for her dedication to service. We’ve all waited in slow-moving lines at fast food restaurants (usually Taco Bell), and finally someone did something about it. This employee shouldn’t have been fired, she should have been promoted. It’s gotta be hard for a fast food joint to find an employee who cares that much about their craft.

Whatever happened to the expression “many hands make light work?” This poor woman got fired for her dedication to teamwork. Why? Because the fashion police happened to be waiting in line at the same time?

“I said, ‘No, you’re not about to fix my food. You’re not in uniform,'” Marcelita [Jones] claims.

Take it easy, Marcelita. You’re at Burger King, not the Four Seasons. Also, it’s Florida in July. I can’t imagine how hot the back of a BK in Florida in July is. I’d rather my fast food worker there wear a tank top and shorts instead of business casual. And she was wearing gloves. I don’t see the issue.

I just hope this employee isn’t out of work for long. If I owned a fast food restaurant I’d offer her a job tomorrow. I don’t ever remember meeting a fast food employee that dedicated to their job.

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