BREAKING: Scary Terry AKA Terry Rozier Signs With Puma

The Atlantic – Nothing has been straightforward for Terry Rozier early in his career. He’s only three years into the league, but he has already become a cultural icon in the NBA and sneakerhead community. Now he is embarking on a new phase of his journey, announcing Thursday that he is signing a sneaker deal with Puma….

I mean this is the biggest news of the offseason right? Terry Rozier aka Scary Terry aka TRozzay has become the latest NBA name to sign with Puma’s upstart hoops line. America’s 2nd Unit Point Guard is going to be sweating unwavering, sometimes bordering on delusional confidence through the official brand of Euro trash and, formerly, punk pop bands and their fans.

In all serious this kind of is a pretty big get for Puma. More and more folks are looking for the cool, cult of personality to imitate and get fashion/pop culture inspiration from rather than the outrageously ubiquitous superstar. Think how much niche blogs ( 😉 ) and podcasts now influence consumer markets. The legend of Terry Rozier fills that role to a T. He lends, quite plainly, the cred to the market-befuddling Puma basketball launch that the draft talent that announced their sneaker-deal allegiance to the Cat couldn’t.

So while I formerly laughed off Puma for this venture as misguided at best, if they continue to sign the Terry Rozier’s of the world I can see this possibly working. Stay in the Scary Terry, Lance Stephenson, Peach Lowry at MOST lane and I could actually see this doing well.

…..But I didn’t mean for this to become a business blog. We are a pro-#12 blog here, be it Oates, Brady, or now Rozier. To that end, our shot chuckin back-up 1 is the talk of the town right now, the cock of the walk. Women want to be with him and men want to be him. So I want to end this by offering a hearty “Congrats On Those Euro Dollars, Young Man”. You’ve earned it…










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