Steelers Use Deflated Football on Thursday Night. NFL Says “No Problem”

Pittsburgh Steelers' Landry Jones in action during the first half of a preseason NFL football game against the Philadelphia Eagles, Thursday, Aug. 9, 2018, in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Michael Perez)

Photo credit: Michael Perez/Associated Press

Bleacher Report – During Thursday night’s preseason game between the Philadelphia Eaglesand Pittsburgh SteelersHoward Eskin of 94.1 WIP in Philadelphia reported that one of Pittsburgh’s footballs was “very deflated” and that the NFL was investigating. 

Friday, the NFL released the findings of its investigation, noting that there had been no foul play by the visiting Steelers:

OH! Of course, it’s fucking Wilson’s fault!!! YUP! Has to be it! Case closed!

Unbelievable. The NFL finished their “investigation” into the deflated football that was used in last night’s preseason game between the Steelers and Eagles quicker than Chris Christie destroys a box of Krispy Kremes.

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Seriously??!! Who looked into that shit? Did someone leave a message for the Rooneys and call it a night? How in the hell can you conduct an investigation and close the case less than 12 hours after the game even ended?

Look, I get it. Why in the world would the Steelers care enough to deflate a football in Game 1 of the preseason which literally means nothing? Also, there’s no proof that the Steelers are the culprit here, and it very well could have been a fluke ball. Fine.

But can you at least make it seem as though there was a little more concern surrounding the situation considering Brady was almost burned at the stake and put under the microscope for A YEAR AND A HALF?

I know there were text messages and other (subjective) pieces of evidence the NFL had to go off of, and I know that supposedly 11 of the 12 balls the officials looked at from the 2015 AFC Championship were said to be under-inflated. Brady most likely did order the balls to be doctored up a bit. I’m not disputing that.

But, just like with Spygate, you’re a complete sheep if you think the rest of the NFL wasn’t doing the same thing. In fact, Aaron Rodgers openly admitted (h/t Pro Football Talk) that he likes to mess with the footballs he uses – albeit by over-inflating them – just a few days after Brady was dinged for it, and nobody even gave it a second thought.


Unfair prejudice against the Patriots is a real thing, and you’re just ignorant or completely stubborn if you say there isn’t.

Sorry we’ve won five titles in the past 16 years. Sorry Brady and Belichick have made you all look like fools over that time.

It’s obvious you just hate us because we’re beautiful. So actually, sorry not sorry.

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