The 300s Power Rankings of America: Who’s Trending Up and Who’s Trending Down

Another week, another chance to check in and see who’s doing great and who’s doing shit.

Trending Up:

Idris Elba

Talk has once again resumed of Elba taking on the role of James Bond once Daniel Craig wraps up his fifth and final turn of the character in next year’s untitled installment of the franchise. Elba is a perfect fit to play the part in a series that is approaching the 60 year mark. I’m sure there are a lot of neck beards out there that think giving the role to a black man is a problem, but when you boil the character down to his leading traits of be being suave, sophisticated, and downright handsome, Elba checks all the boxes. It’s time this sexy son of a bitch got a shot at being 007.

Rockstar Games

Yesterday, Rockstar debuted the first official gameplay trailer for the company’s second biggest franchise outside of Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption. The only words I could use to describe what I saw are Holy and Shit. Rockstar always pushes the envelope in their game development, which is why we only get a game from them once every five years or so. They’re brilliant at crafting a world that feels lived in that’s also cinematic in nature. Aside from the various debauchery displayed across the 7 minute video, players will also have the opportunity to spend some time fishing. That’s right, everybody’s favorite in-game activity that wastes countless hours, virtual fishing. Can’t wait to spend an entire weekend catching trout and shooting prostitutes in the local saloon.

Space Force

Honestly, who’s having a better week than our official soon to be sixth branch of the military? If we’re going to actually do this nonsense, we better go all out. I’m talking lasers, Millennium Falcons, planetary shields to keep out the Cylons. Dominate space like we dominate earth. Now you may be saying “I need an affordable living wage! My healthcare is terrible!” Stop being selfish. Insurance and a few extra bucks in your pocket isn’t going to help when the Klingons come for our women and children. Think of the bigger picture.

Trending Down:


Here lies Luigi. Murdered in cold blood on the official Nintendo presentation for the upcoming Super Smash Bros game. Best known for being a green, taller Mario. Had a mansion once. Decent option for Mario Kart 64. You will be missed.

New York Yankees

Getting absolutely smoked by the Red Sox in a four game series isn’t ideal right? Being eight games out of the division when you’re on pace for 103 wins is definitely not ideal. Playing in the one game winner-take-all wild card is even less ideal I think. Being a Mets fan writing this is probably the least ideal. Honestly though, Judge better get back soon or the Yankees are going to have a short stint in the playoffs, if they even make the cut based on the way the A’s have been playing as of late. What a shame!

My Wallet Because The 300s is Invading Boston Comic Con Tomorrow!

Stay tuned for all the nonsense we get into as we take on Boston Comic Con tomorrow. We’ll be bringing you reviews, interviews, and hopefully a picture of us with the Pink Power Ranger. Have a great weekend folks!

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