Patriots vs Dolphins Half Assed Halftime Reactions

-The Dolphins are 3-0 and think they’re going to take the Patriots out back and finish them off before October? That’s cute. Okay Dolphins fans, daddy’s home.

-CORDEL! It’s only Cordarrelle Patterson’s 8th career TD so people wonder why Tom Brady is pissy, but in a busted coverage Cordel did what he does best;

-Tom Brady has now tied the NFL record for TDs to 70 different receivers. He is king of the trashcan receivers, matched only by former teammate Vinny Testaverde.

-You think Sony Michel’s been listening to all the talking heads on sports radio calling him a bust after TWO fucking weeks? He’s only averaging 5.3 yards per carry with 80 yards in the first half.

-Ryan Tannehill is still trash. Despite coming into this game top 5 in stats like Completion %, TD %,  Yards per Attempt, and QB Rating, he’s come into Gillette and turned back into a pumpkin.

-Bill Belichick gave us an early entry into GIF of the year with his reaction to a Dolphins defender faking an injury to stop a play.

-Even Phillip Dorsett is flashing them 1st Round hands.

-I still miss you Danny, you handsome son of a bitch.

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