Cash Strapped Red Sox Owners Plan to Build a New Music Venue Right Next to Fenway

The Boston Red Sox are getting into the music business.

Fenway Sports Group and Live Nation are jointly exploring development of a 5,000-seat music venue, to be called the Fenway Theater, on the corner of Lansdowne and Ipswich streets near Fenway Park.“The success of Fenway Park as a year-round venue has paved the way for this project, which will ensure the Lansdowne Street area remains a true entertainment district in Boston,” said Tom Werner, chair of Fenway Sports Group, in a statement. “To have an intimate, indoor performing arts space for smaller-scale events will allow for a wider array of uses throughout the year.”

If the Red Sox team owners aren’t the most beautiful example of American capitalism then I don’t know who is. First they crammed 37,000 seats into a 100+ year old ballpark with some nifty renovations, then they sold everything from seat backs to BRICKS, and now they want to add a 5,000 person music venue to Fenway.


Listen, it’ll probably be sick, but I’m sure 5,000 more people on Landsdowne Street is exactly what everyone’s massive crowd induced anxiety attacks need.

Not to mention this would be directly across the street from the House of Blues, but it seems like the Sox would have plans to take that operation over as well.

“Fenway Music Co. would book, manage and operate the Fenway Theater, as well as the nearby House of Blues Boston at 15 Lansdowne St.”

For reference sake HOB’s capacity is about 2,500 so this Fenway theater would be legit double the size. You could bring in some bigger name artists that are too big for House of Blues, but not big enough for the Garden.

I suppose John Henry and Tom Werner have come to grips with the fact that they’re not going to be building a new stadium until Fenway literally collapses into itself. So they might as well double down and keep adding new ways to make money off the tax exempt city landmark (LOL). It’s probably not even legally allowed for them to add more seats to Fenway Park, so lets do the next best thing; add seats right outside for a different show.

As Boston’s “cram as much shit into as little space as possible” standards go, this venue should fit right in. As most Sox fans know, this little corner of Ipswich and Landsdowne currently is just a team parking lot of sorts. So why not build something on top of it?

I will get on board with the Fenway Theater if and only if John Henry meets this one demand. Bronson Arroyo has to christen the venue with an opening night performance. Hell, maybe 8 straight nights like when Jay-Z kicked off the opening of the Barclays Center.

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