UPDATE: 2018 MLB Playoff Oddities

From my fingertips to the Greek God of Walks’ Hops’ ears. I can’t take credit for coming up with this playoff idea,  but I think it is about to pick up steam. There are a few other issues Major League Baseball will need to deal with first, including the stadium situations in Tampa and Oakland and possible expansion, but I think reconfiguring the playoff system is not much further down the list.

Reconfiguring the playoff system could be handled at the same time as expansion. If MLB were to add two teams after resolving the stadium situations in Tampa and Oakland, it’s possible they could realign, create a more balanced schedule, and reconfigure the playoff system all at the same time. A more balanced schedule would mean teams like the Cleveland Indians couldn’t as easily beat up on a weak division to claim a playoff spot.

And realignment doesn’t need to be some crazy plan with a dozen teams switching leagues. Maybe the solution is simply to go back to how things were done for the first seven decades of the 20th century – two leagues with no divisions at all.

This won’t be resolved by this time next year, but Major League Baseball could look a whole lot different in just the next decade.

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