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Harpoon and Dunkin Donuts Teamed Up to Steal Drew Carrey’s Buzz Beer Concept and I Won’t Stand for It

WCVB – Two Boston beverage powerhouses are joining forces to launch a new drink for fall. Dunkin’ and Harpoon Brewery combined Dunkin’s Espresso Blend Coffee and Harpoon beer to create Harpoon Dunkin’ Coffee Porter.

I think my rise to beer snob has been well documented on this blog. I was once a green college student jumping at the chance to buy as much beer as possible for as cheap as possible. That usually was a case of Busch Lattes, but one time I was at a liquor store in the Bronx and bought a case of tallboys of FAMOSA because it was like $5.

I’ve yet to ever see that brand of beer anywhere ever again because it was probably straight poison. But over the years I’ve grown into a sophisticated adult getting drunk on nothing but IPAs, DIPAs, Sours, Stouts and more.

So when this news story about Harpoon’s latest concoction came across my desk I had to address the situation.

Coffee flavored beer?! Ever heard of it? I have because my good friend Drew Carey came up with the idea way back in 1996 when he invented Buzz Beer TWENTY TWO YEARS AGO. Fuck, I’m old.

Now Harpoon and Dunkin Donuts are teaming up to swoop in and steal Drew’s idea? i won’t stand for it. Drew may be flush in all that Price is Right money, but all us fans of mediocre 90s sitcoms remember who the true innovator was here.

To be honest, I feel like Kramer when Calvin Klein stole his ocean scented cologne idea.

PS – I can’t do basic math for shit, but I can remember plot lines of TV sitcoms from 1996. Some kind of useless Snapple Facts trivia brain I have apparently.


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